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We specialize in getting small business owners out of the grind of being IN their business and transforming them into working ON their business.

Affordable coaching for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Call (949) 484-6349 or email for a FREE 30-minute business goals review.

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Thanks to INFIX after only a few months, we have already seen an enormous improvement in our costs, cash flow, and teamwork!

Sweet Cheeks Baking CO.

Through INFIX coaching I reformatted the service packages I offer in a way that’s both more beneficial to prospective clients + more profitable for me.

1070 Architecture

We are so appreciative of this investment and would highly recommend INFIX coaching to any business owner seeking transformation.

Tea Gallerie, Inc.

Did you know that business coaching can provide 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business?

(source MetrixGlobal)

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Unsure of what Business Coaching can do for you?  Ask yourself–

“Who is that Business Owner I most admire or would like to be like?”  

“That person who’s business is taking off?”  

“That laser-focused owner who is driven, organized, and single-minded in making their business a success?” 

INFIX small business coaching can help you achieve the same success.



We get you laser-focused on streamlining your business and positioning it to perform

We help you define a vision and set goals towards becoming that business you desire

We will help you increase leads and improve your lead conversion

We can show you how to calculate your true product margins and make price corrections

We can find $1000’s of savings in your business expenses

We will show you how to improve your business processes and become more efficient

We can train you in time management skills to get you out of that busy grind

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