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At INFIX, our one-on-one accountability coaching methodology has allowed us to develop unique techniques we put into our INFIX Accountability Coaching Program to help you complete important actions items and to hold you responsible for achieving hard-to-reach goals. We’ll guide you through meeting and exceeding expectations outlined by the vision and strategy plan for your business.

Our coaches mentor at the strategic level using the INFIX Accountability Coaching Program to bring direction and focus to small businesses in any industry. All of our INFIX coaches are accomplished executive level coaches who have experience in business operations and managing projects across many industries and verticals.

We use our accountability method to bring real change. We understand the difficulties of running small businesses and that’s why we have developed methods to help owners bring focus and direction to their business, helping them make the tough decisions, and make the right changes whilst staying accountable to the tasks that are important strategically.

Consider INFIX to be your “personal trainer” for growing your business, providing you the guidance and structure needed to take the next step towards continued and enhanced success.

The INFIX Accountability Coaching Program

INFIX guides & trains business owners in how
apply these 5 steps to improve their business:

  • FOCUS – Vision, Strategy, Goals, Operations & Accountability
  • REACH – Get More Leads
  • CONVERT – Capture More Clients
  • GROWTH – Do More Business with Clients
  • UNDERSTAND – Margins & Pricing
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What can you expect with INFIX?

  • Affordable weekly one-on-one business coaching for small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Teaching the business skills to advance their business
  • Holding the owner accountable to their strategic actions for success
  • How to stay on the right track through goals & action tracking
  • How to apply business methodologies to move the business to the next level Accountability to the real tasks for working ON the business
  • Experienced INFIX coach guides & teachers


Our goal is to work with small businesses and help them succeed. With this in mind, we have developed three business coaching packages to help you and your business grow. Find out more about INFIX coaching and how we can help.

INFIX Coaching Rates

“Nearing our 10th year in business and annoyed that we weren’t profiting more, my business partner and I finally decided to reach out to a consultant. We were not happy with the food-specific consultants we interviewed, but we really liked Andy Kemal at INFIX the day we met him. His intelligence, experience, commitment, and immediate suggestions impressed us. After only a few months, we have already seen an enormous improvement in our costs, cash flow, and teamwork!”


Elaine Ardizzone, Co-owner
Sweet Cheeks Baking Company

Areas INFIX Focuses On

   Change Agent

Change is good, change is necessary, change is hard. Let an INFIX coach guide you through making the decisions that instigate change. We’ll help define the reasons for change, the benefits to come and guide your organization through the transition. In difficult times rely on INFIX to help you make those hard decisions.


Time to move to the next phase? Unsure how to get there? An INFIX coach can help you understand and simplify the transactions needed to evolve your business. We’ll help you strategize your next moves, create a mission and set the goals for the next level of success.

  New Perspective

An INFIX coach will provide a fresh set of eyes to look deeply at the complex and even mundane aspects of your business to make recommendations for improvement. Tired from the day to day running of your business? Has the dream you had when you started been lost? INFIX can offer new ideas to your operations and strategies. We can bring a refresh to your “Business 1.0” to help you advance your dreams for Business 2.0+.

  Best Practices

INFIX is networking consultants and collecting specialty experiences from many industries and sectors. Whatever the need might be in your company, INFIX will strive to fit that area, niche, or market, with relevant experience, and provide practices and procedures that fit your needs perfectly.


An INFIX coach will help you collect and understand what your business data means and show you how data changes behavior, such that you can evolve with it. Business in today’s high tech world is complex and ever-changing. That’s why you need INFIX to guide you on mining and capturing the relevant data in real time and how to use up to date methods and tools to analyze that data.


INFIX coaches have a breadth of knowledge to share, and that’s why we aim to train you in the appropriate business and leadership methods for your business to succeed.

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