Sweet Cheeks Baking Company

“Nearing our 10th year in business and annoyed that we weren’t profiting more, my business partner and I finally decided to reach out to a consultant. We were not happy with the food-specific consultants we interviewed, but we really liked Andy Kemal at INFIX the day we met him. His intelligence, experience, commitment, and immediate suggestions impressed us. He kept emphasizing how to work via “the data,” and now we know why. After only a few months, we have already seen an enormous improvement in our costs, cash flow, and teamwork! We feel so fortunate to have stolen so much of his time in the early phase of his consulting business and have already referred him to help a few of our friends in affiliated industries.”

Elaine Ardizzone, Co-owner

Planet Marketing

“After 13 years in business, I hired my first business coach! I was always too busy, trying to knock out all the tasks on my to-do list but all the things I should be doing would go to the back burner and never get done. Andy showed me methods and tools to help me plan into the future. Now everything I complete brings me closer to my vision and I am no longer putting the stuff I should be doing on the back burner!”

Francisco Mezza, Owner

1070 Architecture

“As a small business owner, I found tremendous value in Andy’s business coaching. Once he understood my business operations, he was able to offer constructive advice from an outside perspective. Through Andy’s coaching I reformatted the service packages I offer in a way that’s both more beneficial to prospective clients + more profitable for me. Andy comes highly recommended!”

Sean Canning, Principal

Tea Gallerie, Inc.

“I am pleased to have worked with Andy Kemal (INFIX) and his consulting work for our wholesale distribution and retail tea business. We needed an experienced and analytical consultant with a fresh vision to help identify the holes within our business and help us strategize for the future. Our goal has always been to improve the internal processes and to increase profit margins. From his findings analyzing our entire accounting database, the data on these extensive reports were very shocking and gave us insight as to the true health of our business. Truly understanding this information has provided us with a more targeted effort to find similar quality customers. With Andy’s positive perspective and effective communication, he helped us transform our business into a more successful practice. Andy’s work proves to be extremely informative and useful in presenting an overview of improving business processes, optimizing information and supporting change management. We are so appreciative of his intellectual investment and would highly recommend Andy to any business owner seeking transformation.”

Maria Harrison, CEO

Dr Budgets

“I am an entrepreneur with a growing business. This growth is pushing me to do things in my business that I have never done before, which can be challenging. I had never worked with a business coach before, but Andy made it easy! He asked me very thought-provoking questions and worked with me to create a vision for not only my business, but also for me personally. He was also big at looking at different business and financial metrics to determine how to best allocate my time and resources. Andy is an excellent business coach. You can tell he has a great deal of knowledge and experience when you talk to him. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level!”

Daniel Rodriguez, CEO

Waldorf School Of San Diego

“This past fall, 2015, our school found itself without an administrator. With over 70 employees and 310 students there were many administrative tasks to be managed. We were so fortunate to have Andy Kemal, mobilize and coordinate a transition team to lead us through this challenge. He was able to quickly assess the short term needs and develop a team and systems to successively manage operations. Three months later we are actively in a search for a new leader without any disruptions to the day-to-day work thanks to his vision and execution.”

Tony Cirone, Director of Development

Heartwork Coffee

“INFIX offered great solutions for a small start-up like Heartwork Coffee Bar to ensure our operations were effective and maximized our profits. We recommend INFIX to any small or medium size business that wants to excel in their dreams.”

The Heartwork Team

Real Estate

“I have worked with Andy for a number of years on a non-profit Board of Directors. His leadership as the President has been instrumental in guiding the organization to tackle some long-standing issues and envision a new paradigm that is vital to the progress of our mission. It is hard to imagine that the organization would have undertaken such important steps to grow and realize our potential had Andy not been there to propel us forward.”

Jason Stewart, Corporate Real Estate Consultant

Event Planning

“I came to Andy to guide me through my next career step of consulting other professionals in the wedding industry. With Andy’s direction, I’ve been able to identify the steps needed and enjoy the benefits of being accountable. ”

Ann Strobel, Ann’s Plans

Living Stones IT Group

“Andy has been very helpful in so many ways. From the beginning of our relationship, he has help organize my thoughts and helped me focus on what needs to be done. He has been patient with me in that transition; to organize my time into more focused tasks and strategic direction that helps our business and our mission.”

Fady Eldeiry, Living Stones IT Group

The Next Native

“Andy is a knowledgeable businessman and he helped me address the issues in my business that were holding me back from growth. He is straightforward in his approach and helped me navigate areas of business ownership that were outside of my comfort zone. His strengths are in planning and accountability which were essential in helping me reach my goals.”

Cara Sipan, The Next Native

Angel Being

“Andy is my Confidence. When I feel insecure or scared about where I am going and what I am doing he gives me direction and the knowledge that I lack. I have achieved more in our few months together than I have done in years on my own. Our time together is relaxed and productive and I never feel “on the clock” with him which I appreciate immensely. He is a wealth of information and keeps me going.”

Coral Hilbig, Angel Being


“I have been using the coaching services at INFIX now for two years and would strongly refer them to anyone who is looking for guidance to create, implement and analyze their business goal planning and development.  As business owners we get caught up in the day to day workings of our business which makes it easy to lose sight of our long term goals.  INFIX has helped me and continues to help me with setting up my business operations to achieve more success.  They have helped me make business financial goals and then regularly check in to maintain accountability to staying on track to meet those goals.  My income has increased as a result and I am moving down the path toward my business being a place where I am doing what I want to be doing in it and providing the best product for my clients.  I can’t say enough about the benefit of having INFIX at your side in building better business practices.”

Barney Connaughton, Attorney, AHealthyDivorce.com

Level One Art Installation

“Working with Jenn and the Infix team has been an exceptional experience. Jenn provides a level of knowledge that is valuable for any business. Working with her has allowed me to have better time management, become more organized, and I have grown as a businesswoman. Running a small business is not easy, but knowing that I have the Infix team to help makes it easier.”

Ashley Witkin, Level One Art Intallation

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